Jaime Dispenza

Jaime is an All-American Triathlete who has been certified by Ironman, USA Triathlon, and USA Cycling. Jaime splits his time coaching a number of emerging elite level and age-group athletes while playing an integral role in the planning and supervising of our training camps and clinics. As a coach and mentor, his main goal is to provide each individual athlete with a training lifestyle which fits their specific needs. Each training plan is designed to work in harmony with the athlete's family and professional commitments. Please inquire as to how Jaime can help you get to the podium.

"The secret to my success has been a personal and individual approach as well as 15 years of triathlon experience to draw from. I can prepare you for your first sprint distance or your first Ironman."
"I am an Ironman, and your are an Ironman creator! Every ounce of blood, sweat, and yes, tears that I put into that race I own to your mentoring, coaching scolding, bitching, and guiding. It has been an amazing journey together, unlike anything I've done before, and for that I am forever indebted to you. So looking forward to great things yet to come!"
- Marcos Paz, Client -
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Bryan Batz

Bryan has focused on non-profit fundraising endurance training programs over the past three years and continues his philanthropic endeavors. As a coach, he has helped more than 100 athletes reach their Traithlon, Cycling, and Running goals and he would like to help you achieve yours. As a working professional and USAT Coach, he continues to dedicate himself to improving his athlete's health and abilities. He has learned firsthand that having a coach helps him maintain focus on life while balancing the demands of an endurance athlete lifestyle. Whether training for your first 5k or an Ironman distance triathlon, you will be ready with coaching.

"I have found that my times in marathon and triathlon have improved significantly and have seen multiple personal records (PRs) in the Sprint, Olympic, and Half Iron distance courses due to professional coaching."
"Now that I am in my right mind, I want to thank everybody who has supported and helped me throughout this last year of training. My wife, Amy, and my son, Turner, think that training is now a normal part of waking up. My training and teammate buddies: Marcos, Brian, Noel - Congratulations, you are all Ironmen too. And last but not least, my coach Jaime Dispenza - Thank you so much for a year of amazing workouts and mental support. Thank you all so much for helping me make my Ironman experience amazing!"
- David Liotta, Client -
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